Thank you for your purchase of a product which is distributed in Europe by TLT International.

Although we produce to the highest standards it may happen that your products turns out to be defective. In case you encounter any difficulties, you will always benefit of the warranty which starts on the day of your purchase. The warranty period ends after 2 years, in some cases even only after five years.

In case of any defectiveness, TLT International will replace the product at its expense in cooperation with our local partners. If your product has been replaced, the warranty period remains the date of purchase of the original product.

The warranty is only applicable if:

  • the purchase documents accompany the defect product,
  • the product is used correctly according to the manual instructions, which is included in each packaging,
  • the damage is not caused due to connected peripherals, caused by accidents as water or fire, caused by animals etc,
  • the integrated LED-components are defective. Not in case if the product doesn’t function anymore because of the components which are consumable by their nature as batteries, lamps, etc. Broken glasses are never covered by the standard warranty.